TOP 7 Back Office & Trader’s Room Features to Make Your Traders Happy

API integration – connect to more than 130 PSPs, popular trading platforms, 3rd-party KYC and AML service providers, PAMM and Copy Trading systems and other business tools. Back office forex software needs to make it easier for you to run your brokerage. That means it should increase productivity and streamline complex processes.Forex software providers will all tell you that they have everything you need. Before you sign-up for their services, you need to make sure they’re really offering comprehensive back-office functionality. Forex back office software is full of beneficial tools for brokers to increase profitability and decrease operational costs. Also, By automating manual processes from customer services to account management, this technology has the potential to generate long-term benefits.

That is why it is so essential that each of the departments in a brokerage company has secure access to this privacy policy info for the most efficient use and achievement of common goals. You should ideally be able to build any report that may be required of you depending on the regulation. The most common types of reports include client wallet reports, registration details, deposit and withdrawal operations, broker-dealer trading operations, etc. The ability to customize reports to meet the requirements of the legal department will also be a useful feature.

Allowing partners to directly access your software will make it easier for them to do their jobs, and using the software to ensure they’re paid the correct amount will help you retain good IBs. Forex trader’s room provides a hassle-free trading experience with an array of essential and supplementary resources to make the process more convenient. However, Account creation, record maintenance, funding deposits & withdrawals are offered 24/7 for added flexibility in foreign exchange operations. Back office providers must ensure customers’ data stored securely and efficiently. Creating new client profiles or updating existing ones should be easy because of detailed reports.

The contents of the site do not constitute financial advice and are provided solely for informational purposes without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. As a broker, you need especially fast on-boarding to offer clients the best experiences and flexible spreading to be able to react to the market fast enough. From the financial point of view, your finance department can create reports in seconds, saving hours and hours of the day and allowing them to research into better providers and suppliers in order to save money for your company. In addition to viewing general information for clients, you also need to be able to view and manage the balances in their accounts. Back office software should allow you to track the balances of all client accounts within your financial organization.

You can combine user actions into different sequences, and your clients can receive bonuses based on their actions. There are many back-office solution providers on the market with products that can provide the technical foundation for affiliate activity. Strive to provide all the popular fiat payment systems and methods, including the bank wire, SEPA transfer, and credit cards deposit and withdrawal options. If you offer digital asset platform, consider including a digital assets processing service in the back office part. Controlling who can access your database is of vital importance to every Forex brokerage. Our integrated Forex CRM ensures that your database is protected by industry-leading software solutions and through the use of anonymous accounts that allow users to connect to the relevant client profiles.

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Fortex’s clients can leverage one Back Office 7 to manage and navigate the key e-trading business. Although the visual shell is just a signboard that hides the most important functionality of trader’s room software, you can’t underestimate the importance of this feature for your clients. If a customer encounters discomfort in the first stages of familiarizing themselves with a brokerage service, it can significantly degrade chances of retention. Articles and financial market analysis on this website are prepared or accomplished by an author in his personal capacity. The views and opinions expressed in postings on this website belong solely to the author and may not reflect those of the company’s management or the official position of the company.

Multiple payment integrations enable your customers to freely choose how to deposit and withdraw funds, resulting in an increase in traded volumes for the business. Of course, handling payment systems is greatly influenced by regulators, but ideally, you should strive to increase the options in this segment of your brokerage. The reality is that the Forex broker back-office software market has developed a certain state of affairs that is hard to change for now. Trader’s Room specifically designed for
brokers and companies that need a multifunctional tool to manage massive
flows of funds from clients.

It is an indispensable assistant in matters of interaction between the company and clients. A sales manager or broker admin will receive a notification by email upon a sign-up. Trader’s Room is a fully automated web solution that integrates with MT4 and provides all the tools traders need while minimizing broker workloads and enabling responsibility delegation with a CRM. The broker can also see the running / closed trades by the clients with an informative overview. Add/remove client account, set manager, set IB, set verification, manager/investor account request, add manager/admin. Although KYC requirements may be the most common regulatory rule, there are many others that your firm must fulfill if you are licensed with a regulatory authority like FCA, ESMA, and CySEC.

  • The most common types of reports include client wallet reports, registration details, deposit and withdrawal operations, broker-dealer trading operations, etc.
  • The software architecture of the product enables creating a comfortable client
    ecosystem for both local and international brokers or exchanges.
  • At this level, brokers have a unique ability to manage their clients’ relationships.
  • Each and every department in the company needs to access this information and use it for different, but equally important purposes.

You need to consider your goals and objectives before deciding which one is right for you. Forex CRM system should also include providing brokers with the ability to customize their CRM system to fit their individual needs and requirements. The mission of a successful Forex CRM system is to provide businesses with the tools and insights to maximize the value of their customer relationships.


For this list, we have searched and tested several Back Office Trading Software Providers available in the Forex market.

Back office technologies support complex data management solutions and processes while allowing companies to spend as fewer as possible and maximize efficiency. Also, This advanced system can easily handle payments and settlements without extensive investments. To this day, every FX broker realizes that its success is directly tied to the satisfaction of its clients. When it comes to making money, client management has emerged as an essential component, and every company is searching for the best Forex broker solution to help them manage their consumers.

Unfortunately, hacker attacks and infrastructure raids are still not uncommon, and any business owner needs to keep this fact in mind when choosing back-office solutions. FX Back Office is a powerful Forex CRM that integrates with the industry’s most popular Forex trading platforms including cTrader, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. We also offer the full CySEC questionnaire within our Client Cabinet (which we update as per the circulars) incase your marketing or compliance department missed anything.

Continuation of your use of our website confirms your agreement with the above statements and documents. This information was collected in the course of TickTrader Trader’s Room product design and development, which includes all the features described above. KYC and AML procedures ensure counterparty/customer visibility
principle and eliminate the possibility of suspicious activity. Request a private session with one of our sales representatives and learn how we can help you grow and optimize your business.