What Shape Glasses Look Best on A round Face Female?

The question of what shape glasses are best suited to a oval face might seem a bit difficult. After all, round faces are one of the most popular forms, so how do you tell which frames flatter your face? Here are some suggestions:

Rectangular frames complement round face shapes

If you have a round face shape, you could choose the rectangular frame. This frame is a great way to flatter a round face shape by elongating the features. The round face is usually large and have no angles. If you want to make your face look slimmer, go for angular frames. These frames are larger in width from the top to bottom and from left to right. But, there are a few things that you must consider before deciding on the frame.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out your facial shape. It isn’t always easy to determine the face shape of someone because each person has different features. The facial features that are the most prominent match with the type frames that compliment them best. The most commonly used frame shapes that flatter round face types are heart-shaped, rectangular, and square. Round faces tend to feature square and round-shaped features however they can be difficult to recognize because they’re so similar.

Avoid rimless frames

If you’re looking for glasses for round face females, avoid glasses with rims that are not rimless. They could cause your facial appearance to appear wider or larger. Pick frames with a thick bottom rim instead of one with a rimless. Also, avoid frames that accentuate the browline or your temples. Besides the face shape and color, it is important to take into consideration hair color and eye color. Although this isn’t as crucial as facial form, these three factors should be considered.

For females who have oval faces, it’s essential to wear glasses that are square. These glasses will balance out your broad forehead. Avoid frames with rims if you have dark skin tones. A round face could also benefit from a thin-ish frame. For men, a wide rectangular frame is a good match for a heart-shaped face. When choosing frames for women with round faces take into consideration the eye color, skin tone color, and hair color.

Avoid oversized frames

When selecting glasses for a round face female, stay away from over-the-top oversized frames. These styles can drown out the subtle features of the face and make the frame appear bigger than it is. Choose frames featuring rounded corner edges and smaller, slimmer frames to complement the soft features of the face. A few examples of frames that flatter a round face are cat-eyes and aviators.

If you have eyes that are huge do not try to shrink them by compressing them into an over-sized frame. This will not only look unprofessional, it can also be harmful for your eyesight. Make sure you choose glasses that emphasize your eyes with aviators, as well as square frame. The square frames make peepers look larger than they actually are, while cat-eye styles provide a soft elongated appearance.

Avoid rounded corners

When it comes to choosing eyeglasses frames that are round, they usually look most attractive with a round-shaped frame. The frames are wide enough to highlight the soft features of the face. In contrast to oval or square forms, round faces are not dominating by angular features. A good way to balance the proportions of round faces is to select frames that are a match for the skin. Smaller frames, such as frames with rims, can make a round face look bigger.

When purchasing glasses, make sure to get prescription lenses. If you’re short-sighted you will end up wearing lenses that make your eyes look smaller than they are. You should also choose a square frame instead of a boxy style because the square frame balances out the soft contours of the round face. Frames that are boxy will add contrast and make the face appear smaller. Instead of a circular frame, choose rectangular frames.